Owning rental property is not a passive investment. It requires a good deal of hands-on work. When you’re a landlord, you are a business owner. Your tenants are your clients, and your rental is your asset. You’re responsible for taking care of your clients and your asset to ensure you’re protecting your investment. Some property owners find that hiring a property management company such as ICC Property Management makes sense for their particular situation and or goals.

Different Situations And Circumstances Can Help You Determine When To Hire Property Management Companies Such As Icc

  • Some property owners find they have difficulty balancing their time.

As a landlord, you must be available to your tenants in case of any problems or emergencies and take care of the day-to-day landlord tasks such as collecting rent and paying property bills.

  • Where you live relative to your properties can make a big difference in how hands-on you can be with your property management.

You may not always be available to deal with:

    • Disruptive tenants
    • Visitor or intruder problems
    • Emergency repairs or tenant situations
    • Public emergencies
    • Disputes among tenants or neighbours
  • Some landlords with several rental properties have too much to oversee and cannot attend to all of the needs of every property themselves.
  • New or inexperienced rental property owners often find that they do not know all of the management areas required to manage a property successfully.

Is The Daily Management Of Your Rental Property Preventing You From Realizing Your Goals? ICC Property Management Can Help.

Spending the majority of your day managing your existing properties may leave you little time to seek new opportunities, which limits your ability to expand and grow your business.

It may be your immediate goal to achieve more of a work-life balance to spend more time with your family. Having to be available to tenants 24/7 may prevent that goal from being realized.

What Can A Property Management Company Such As ICC Property Management Do For You?


  • Conduct Thorough Tenant Screening


The last thing you need is a terrible tenant. An experienced property manager like ICC can spot any potential red flags in an application.


  • Improve Tenant Retention


ICC Property Management knows that finding good tenants means finding ones who can and will stay in your property.


  • Act As The Local Contact For Tenant Issues


If a tenant has issues like if something breaks, you have a local ICC Property Management contact that can take the call and handle the situation on your behalf.


  • A Reliable Emergency Contact


If a fire occurs or a tenant requires an ambulance, you need someone in charge that can remain calm and attend to the situation. A good property manager, such as an ICC property manager, is trained to handle any emergency.


  • Ensure The Rent Is Paid On Time


If there is a problem collecting rent, ICC Property Managers are well versed in the proper steps to take, including eviction, if necessary.


  • Keep Your Property Operating In The Black


ICC property management companies employ finance professionals to assist with the financial budgeting, bill paying, and performance tracking that keeps your property profitable.


  • Provide Repair Resources


Would you be prepared if a pipe leaks or the heat goes out? ICC property management maintains solid relationships with vendors in all the trades. When a problem happens, they can immediately jump to action.


  • Save Money On Repairs


Since reputable property management firms such as ICC often have long-term relationships with vendors like plumbers, roofers, electricians, appliance repair, and suppliers, so they usually get favourable pricing.


  • Increase The Return On Property Investment


When properties are adequately maintained, they generally increase in value. Regular inspections and repairs, property upgrades and attention to maintenance issues alow ICC to help improve the value of your property.


  • Make Sure You Are Compliant With The Law


ICC property management company stays up to date on laws against discrimination, landlord/tenant issues, collection processes, and inspections.

A property management company you can trust provides you with all the benefits of property ownership without any of the stress. ICC is that company.

ICC Professional property management’s over 25+ years of award-winning expertise provides property owners first-rate administration, maintenance, and financial services to maximize the return on your investment.

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